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Cherry Republic Up North Photo Contest

2 weeks ago, we decided it was time for an Up North photo contest….what does Life, Liberty, Beaches and Pie mean to you?  And you showed us in over 130 photos.  Here are the Round 1 results (it was very tough to decide).

For the funniest photo that captures what the north is all about, we have Lauren Fleming’s husband, who fell asleep in this exact position for 2 hours on the beach in Ludington.

For the one that best expresses our love for this region, here’s a thoughtful image of his daughter by Sean Cullen.

And finally, the grand winner– the one that best expresses the land of Life, Liberty, Beaches and Pie– this photo by Melissa Boniface of her son, Will.

Our grand winner wins a case of Boomchuggalugga Soda Pop. We also send along one bottle of our soda and a bag of Chocolate Covered Cherry Coffee Beans to the funniest and loveliest winners.

Email us your photos for Round 2, and enjoy this video of all of the Round 1 Submissions:

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