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Life, Liberty, Beaches and Pie!

It was 23 years ago when I created this motto on a t-shirt.  I needed those words in gold and black to sit below a drawing of a beautiful cherry tree and big red Cherry Republic text.  Last week, I talked about what the word “life” stood for.  This week I write about Liberty. 

Liberty is about valuing our citizens.

Our citizens have the liberty to shop anywhere they want to and it is a privilege that they choose to patronize Cherry Republic.  We work hard to touch their hearts and strive to give them a reason to come back.  By continually exceeding their expectations for service and quality, we keep their friendship and loyalty.

That term liberty is alive in our staff’s hearts as well.  Our staff shirts and employee cards say, “You have the freedom to touch the hearts of each customer in your own unique way.”  These are powerful words–  We trust our staff and empower and incentivize them.  And we give each of them the freedom to use their own intuition and creativity to lift spirits.  So, in the winery, our pop girl, Macy Henry, played hide and go seek with a child while her parents sampled wine.  And Abby Palisin made someone a banana split in the cafe.  Can you believe it?  Going to the extreme of using our arch rival banana to make a customer’s day?