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What does Life, Liberty, Beaches and Pie stand for?

It was 23 years ago when I created this motto on a t-shirt. I needed those words in gold and black to sit below a drawing of a beautiful cherry tree and big red Cherry Republic text. In past weeks, I talked about Life and Liberty. This time, let’s talk about “Beaches.”

“Beaches” stands for whimsical. On our staff shirts under beaches, it says “Let’s Have Fun.” Beaches is the Cherry Republic version of happiness. I mean how can you be at the beach without being full of happiness. It is also an expression of doing our work and our play in our own unique way. I wear bare feet to work many days. I leave work once a month year round and jump in Lake Michigan.

Yes, Beaches is all for fun, but it is also for connecting with nature and our special place on earth, which I hope my staff and I never take for granted. We are very fortunate and we need to spend lots of time honoring and enjoying our wonderful place on earth.

For years, I have had this dream of working from the beach on Sleeping Bear Bay. Yeah, working in my bathing suit. I would need wifi, my Mac Air, a note pad, a little sun umbrella, a few beach chairs, an old baseball bat (to bat rocks), plenty of water and a sack lunch! Enough of dreaming. Let’s make it happen. On Monday August 27th I will be at the beach at the end of Lake Street! Next week, I will let you know how I much fun I had!