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A Christmas Gift to our Servicemen and Women

The holiday season is typically a time spent with family, but in a lot of cases loved ones are overseas protecting our country and can’t make it home. In those cases, sending our servicemen and women a little taste of home is sometimes all we can do. We received the following story from Susie Olsen a few days after Christmas:

“I have a friend who’s husband is in Afghanistan now. I had this great idea to send him some goodies for he and his platoon (I was thinking 40-50 guys). When I asked my friend for his address she told me the guys on her Facebook page were just the weapon specialists – Lucas was actually with 400 men and women. Bummer, no way I could afford that. But the idea just seemed too good to let go.”

Susie called one of our Cherry Ambassadors and relayed her dilemma. Susie wanted each soldier to receive 3oz of Sour Cherry Patches, which rounded out to 15 cases. It totaled way more than she budgeted BUT with a little help…

“..you got my order under $400 with free shipping. Yippie, I figured that was close enough!! So off they went. I suggested Lucas distribute them though the platoon leaders and mess hall. I don’t know what he actually did. On Dec. 26th his wife wrote on FB, “Just heard from Lucas who said he has been getting lots of boxes. He specifically mentioned how the Cherry Republic sour cherry patches were destroyed within minutes of opening…..Thank you to everyone that has sent things out there to them. The guys Looooove it all.” His mother in law also posted on the feed…..”The Cherry Republic goodies were a massive hit!!!”

Thanks so much for your free shipping to the troops. Love you! 
Joy,  Susie & Larry 

Here’s a picture of Lucas Lafadour in Afghanistan.

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 9.33.02 AM

We are honored to serve Lucas, his family, and all of our men and women abroad. Moreover, we are honored to help Susie and Larry and everyone who sends gifts to our troops overseas.  If you know someone serving overseas that may enjoy a little piece of northern Michigan, please remember that we ship free to APO and FPO addresses all year around. Thank you to all our servicemen and women and their families for all that you do.