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Cherry and Bright Customer Survey 2015

Cherry and Bright survey

Thanks again to everyone that took the time to take our survey.  We learned some really valuable things to improve, but we also learned that we are doing a lot of things really well.  Here’s a few highlights that we heard from you:

  • In general we heard that you love our cherry products because of the freshness and quality, it is like tasting a little piece of Northern Michigan.
  • You all felt our phone order takers were very personable and knowledgeable.  And we heard that you had many many nice conversations with our staff.
  • Shipping to different addresses went smoother for you this year, and and it was easier to break it up and send different gift messages!
  • You felt our $7 flat rate shipping was a value– especially when you considered the classy packaging and the additional birch bark, evergreen, and pine cone in each box.
  • Several said you want to read more about winter in Northern Michigan as many of you who took the survey are not here during the winter.  We will do our best to help you feel the cold winter breezes off Lake Michigan wherever you are.  
  • Bob will continue to write about his family adventures in 2016.
  • 78% of you were very interested in reading about the summer storm and although we hope something like this doesn’t happen again for a long time, we were happy to provide you with information and ways to donate. We look forward to keeping you posted on the Re-Arboring process as it continues into 2016 and beyond.
  • 67% of you all ordered online and 33% of you ordered by phone.  Both felt the time placing your orders was appropriate and many wrote that it was enjoyable.  

Here are some of the areas you thoughtfully pointed out we need to improve:

  • We need to send out email confirmations as soon as the order is received.
  • Some glass items arrived damaged.  We need to pack even more protectively.
  • In some packages our packers missed putting in the sprig of cedar in the gift box.
  • We were told by a few that we need to improve the address book interface.
  • Some of you wanted your ordering history from past years when you made your order online.  We will try to have this for 2016.
  • A few of you pushed us to remove corn syrup, hydrogenated fats and dyes from the last few products in our product line that haven’t yet been fully made healthier.
  • On that same note, one customer wrote– “I would like to see you UPGRADE the ingredients that you use particularly in your cookies. They are a bit dry. You might want to look into using MUSCOVADO BROWN SUGAR in your cookie recipes. Unbelievable flavor as compared to the refined brown sugar most use.”  We will look into this.
  • One day our system was down for an hour and some of you commented that your order experience was still fun!

Here are a few general comments from you that we loved reading.

  • Previously our family did not receive their gift. We think it was stolen from their porch in NC. When I reported this to you, the order was replaced free of charge. And we have continued to place orders with you. Thanks.
  • I send the products to our Colorado son’s police department buddies in Vail and have for several years. I enjoy sharing the MI products with them and they look forward to the treats at the busy Christmas time of year. They start asking our son the first part of December whether his folks will be sending Cherry Republic??
  • One of our recent orders was a military order sent to a young Army officer who is a friend of ours stationed in Korea — first Christmas away from home. We were delighted with the “free shipping” offer for APO addresses and sent him a Christmas box, which he loves! We will be ordering again for him and perhaps other military personnel, as well as our son who will soon leave for Korea.
  • We love the dried cherries and jams and salsas and chocolate covered cherries. So yummy!!! We sent a gift of your product to Texas and they LOVED IT!
  • Everything is delicious and the products are made in Michigan. I give Cherry Republic goodies to my family members for Christmas. They love them!
  • The high quality, Michigan made products. The commitment to environmental causes. Bob Sutherland is a person of integrity and his company reflects him in a most positive way.
  • The Woof Whompers, the mustards, the jams, the preserves, the pancake/waffle mixes and gift packages all have been big hits!
  • Your telephone staff this past Holiday! very helpful and good problem solvers. Products are always yummy and enjoyed by all!

Thanks for everyone that took time to take the survey.  Whether positive comments or constructive criticism, each opinion will definitely help us become a better company. One customer requested that we come up with a way to help keep them from gaining weight after eating our Milk Chocolate Turtles.  Next summer, we suggest that survey taker eat them while taking a hike up on the dunes.  Another customer asked us to create less addictive Cherry Sour Patches.  Hmmm…  I suppose we could add some oranges or bananas to our Cherry Sour Patches.  That would make them less addictive….  Nah.