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Summer Fun Around Cherry Republic

Like summer, cherries are all about having fun. That’s why we lovingly refer to them as our “ruby red morsels of joy.” If you happen to visit our headquarters in Glen Arbor, you’ll likely find an exciting cherry-themed event being held that day. From cherry pit spitting competitions in our Olympic Size Pit Spit Arena, to messy but delicious pie eating contests, to squishy cherry stomps and Cherry Bingo competitions, we’ve got something for the whole family.

Cherry Picking

Around mid-July of each year, the twin Queen Anne cherry trees that guard the entrance to the our gardens begin to bear fruit. Packed with ruby red, gold and yellow clad sweet cherries, picking these fresh stone fruits right from the tree reminds us that nature provides the cleanest and most beautiful flavors of all. While we hold a more ‘formal’ cherry picking event each year, if you happen to walk by and see a ladder in the garden, feel free to climb it and pick your own ruby red morsels of joy. Then take a moment to enjoy their freshness, slight tartness, and true naturalness. And don’t forget to spit the pit!

A Queen Anne cherry tree outside of Cherry Republic. A Queen Anne cherry tree outside of Cherry Republic.

DSC_4555 Two girls enjoy picking (and eating!) their own sweet cherries in the Cherry Republic gardens in Glen Arbor.

Pit Spit Competitions

Pit spitting is the most beloved pastime of cherry aficionados all over the world. While some prefer to politely spit their pit in a napkin and toss it gently away, at Cherry Republic, we love to see how far they fly! We enjoy it so much that we built the only Olympic Size Pit Spitting Arena in the world. Do you have what it takes to take on family, friends and strangers from around the globe?

DSC_4627 A typical summer pit spit competition at Cherry Republic.

Pie Eating Competition

Most people would say that the best way to enjoy a slice of True Cherry Pie is with a fork. A special group of others would contend that forks, and even hands, are just more hurdles in an already laborious process. “Why not skip it and just eat right off the plate?” For those that live on the simple and wild side of life, our Cherry Pie Eating competitions are tailor-made for you. Imagine competing against complete strangers, a brother or sister, daughter or son, or a mother or father, and taking the bragging rights of the official Cherry Republic Pie Eating Champion…photo-2472

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