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Hide & Go Seek – Ready or Not…

Hide and Go Seek

Here is everything you need to know to win products and have a great morning of fun playing hide and seek with Cherry Republic:

First delivery teams leave at 8 am from the warehouse. Look for groups of two wearing red tees. At 11 am, all seven teams will be out making deliveries so that is the best chance to capture some goodies. All you have to do is walk up to them and say, “I’m intercepting your hide and seek delivery.”

Be sure to check in often to our Facebook and Instagram and look for #HideSeek on our social media pages during the day. If you decide to post a photos please use this hashtag #HideSeek in the text message that accompanies a photos or text updates. It will help you track down where everyone is as they will be updating their positions.

Here is the rundown of each team:

BobSutherland Tony-Finnestad
Team Fun in the Sun:
Our President Bob Sutherland and Corporate Chef Tony Finnestad will leave at 8 am with backpacks full of Cherry Nut Mix, Sweet and Spicy Cherry Nut Mix and hike to the Glen Lake narrows where they will get on paddle-boards and paddle along the west and north shores of Big Glen to the channel. Then they will get in solo canoes and paddle Fisher Lake and the mighty Crystal River into Glen Arbor and walk the 2 blocks to the Great Hall.

Team Pie in the Sky:
Our Store Manager Kathy Baarstad and Ambassador Jamie Query carrying Confiscated Fruit Mix will leave at 8 am and walk the entire Lake Michigan beach between Empire and Glen Arbor. As this team walks up Lake Street to the Great Hall they should be good and sunburnt. (This would be your easiest and pleasantest capture as you could just hang out on the beach and wait for them to walk by).

TylerChampt ReneeCummings
Team Most Likely to get Lost:
At 8:30 am, our Wholesale Manager Tyler Champt and Assistant Store Manager Renee Cummings will leave the warehouse at 8:30 toting Hikers Mix and head across Chippewa Run Natural Area and then head north through woods toward North Bar Lake. Once to North Bar they will take the beach until reaching the point just below the 600 foot Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive Overlook, which they will walk up! Phew! Then across the dunes, where they will skirt across the top of the dune climb and come down by the group camp site. Then across the DH Day fields to the Alligator Trail Head. They will walk the west side of the easy trail and the west part of the intermediate trail to the small trail head at Forest Haven. Finally, they will wobble and weave and maybe crawl the last steps into Glen Arbor and to the Great Hall.

Team Bliss and Blisters:
At 9 am, this relay hikeathon down the Heritage Trail takes place with Shipping Ambassador Rhonda O’Brien starting in Empire, and handing the a backpack of Cherry Sour Patches to Wholesale staff person Nan Shanhals at the Dune Climb and will hike the patches the rest of the Heritage Trail to Glen Arbor. Here is a great chance to capture everyone’s favorite product– just hang out on the trail and wait for one of them to come by.

Team Empty Handed:
Our Internet Manager Eric Norton will be carrying S’more Mix and walking M-22 all the way from Empire to Glen Arbor. When you stop your car to get a product from him, do your best to keep him from jumping in and catching a ride to Glen Arbor with you. Eric will be thirsty, so he would love a beer (even if it’s tossed out the window as you’re driving by).

Team Figure Eight around Glen Lake:
One highly tuned athlete will be carrying Ambassador Mix and riding their bike down M-22 to Welch Rd, to Harriger Rd to M-109 to West Day Farm Rd, to West Day Forest Rd, to M-22, to 616, to 675 and then dropping his bike and grabbing a canoe and paddling his way down the Crystal River to Glen Arbor. Fulfillment Manager Tom Bisbee is training for a Triathlon, so this is right up his alley. Catch him if you can.

ToddMolly MiriamOwsley
Team Family Matters:
At 10 am, Ambassadors Molly Daly, Annie Ruffe, Store Supervisor Miriam Owsley and COO Todd Ciolek and family will be riding the Heritage Trail carrying 8 oz bags of Dark Chocolate Covered Nut Mix to deliver to Glen Arbor. This seems like easy pickings, but the risk is that the kids will have already eaten everything in the backpacks before you find them.