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Hide and Go Seek


You’re never too old to play hide and seek. At least, that’s how we feel. And to prove it, we’re inviting you along to play.

On Friday, July 17, a handpicked group of Cherry Republic employees will be delivering products to the Glen Arbor store. Rather than using our trucks, they will be traveling on foot, bicycle, or other non-motorized means. Here’s the fun part – anyone who can find and tag them will get a sample of the products in their backpack.

bob-hiding1We’re still working out the rules and regulations, but here’s the basic info: Bob and his cunning company will leave our warehouse in Empire at various times throughout the morning, and then try to make their way to the Glen Arbor store. They may pilfer or utilize any means of non-motorized conveyance along the way.

Not only will those of you who find Bob or one of his comrades get to enjoy a delicious Cherry Republic item, there will also be a prize for the member of the crew who arrives with the fewest items missing and the one who makes the best time. So that gives them some additional motivation to evade capture.

We are planning to track their progress through Facebook and Twitter. So log on, keep up, and do your best to find the sneaky band.