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Our Staff Stories of the 2015 Glen Arbor Storm

cr-store We are still serving food on the grill.

I came to the store right as they opened on Monday, people’s baskets were full of product and they had smiles on their faces. Everyone just seemed to be so grateful we were open. We pulled out the old cash registers and credit card machines – things people had not seen or used in years! Who would have thought you could pay for things with cash? Then we started serving hot dogs and brats for lunch and the cafe was filled with people, so glad to have a hot meal. One woman said to me “I told my husband I was so sad I was not going to get my ‘cherry fix’ in this year, and then we walked down the street and saw you were open! Thanks for making our vacation”. It felt so good to open our doors just like opening our arms to the public after the terrible storm. Mary Sutherland – Cherry Ambassador and “The Momma”

ronis-tree Roni’s up-rooted tree in her front yard.

We lost our favorite 100 year old maple tree – our own “Giving Tree” (Shel Silverstein). This was the tree that we hung a swing from and pushed our kids for hours. This was the tree that we spread blankets under and picnicked.  This was the tree that I am highly allergic to, and take allergy shots for every two weeks.  It is lying on our neighbor’s fence, and our neighbor’s roof-line.  Although it is a great loss for us, we truly feel that our “Giving Tree” fell in the right spot-no one was hurt by the death of this magnificent tree, and our memories are preserved. We will miss that tree so much, and every time we look out into our yard, we will remember fondly its ultimate sacrifice.  Roni – VP of Fulfillment

pattys-tree Patty’s front yard of her home.

I arrived at work on Monday, our house and front yard were a total disaster. I stopped to talk with Jason our VP of Sales who said he had a generator for me. I said “oh that’s great, thanks”, thinking it was for the Glen Arbor store. But then he told me “no, it is for your house”. Jason proceeded to go to my house and hook up his generator to my house and both of my neighbors houses as well, so we all have power. It was such a nice gesture and gave myself and our neighbors a tiny bit of relief and hope even though we were surrounded by so much devastation. Patty – Mail Order Manager

laura-ann-trees Laura Ann’s front yard full of blown over trees.

My Husband and I were standing at our west facing sliding glass door holding towels up as water was pouring in. The sky was a color I had never seen before, almost a neon turquoise as if electrically lit and then yellow. As we are trying to stop the water, my dad, who is sitting on the couch says “oh my gosh the trees!” out of the corner of my eye I saw our whole front yard get blown over in a matter of seconds. Then the house started shaking and we all ran to the basement with the dogs. We hung out in the dark basement with headlamps for about ten minutes and then came back upstairs and went outside to see this.  Laura Ann – HQ Coordinator

the-drive-in Here is a picture of intersection of Lake & State St looking towards Big Glen.

We lost a special tree in our yard. The “stop tree” was a landmark for my 6 year old. From the time she was old enough to play outside the tree was not to be traveled beyond in our driveway. Somehow it found its way into most outside activities, from the home base in a game of tag to the finish line of a race.

In all the carnage around our home it didn’t register that the 60 foot tall oak snapped at the middle and looming over our heads was the Stop Tree, but it was the first thing my daughter saw when she took her first trip outside after the storm…”Oh no…the poor Stop Tree!! Can you fix it Daddy!?”. I think we’ll keep the Stop Stump around for a long time. Ed – Office Manager

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