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Summer Storm Photos 2015

Here are three of the most poignant sky photos we have come across.

Summer Storm 2015 They are beautiful images that bring you back to the time of Greek Gods and Moses.

Summer Storm 2015 People say beauty before beast.

Summer Storm 2015 And the beast landed hard and fast.

Summer Storm 2015 Being first in line as the storm came across Lake Michigan, the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore received much of the fury of this storm.

Summer Storm 2015 Look at Alligator Hill after the storm hit. Sections of this massive old growth forest was mowed down by what seemed like an invisible Paul Bunyan sized ax blade.

Summer Storm 2015 The Park staff were removing fallen trees that next day. Here they are cutting and moving tall black locust trees with heavy machinery.

Summer Storm 2015 Before the storm, there were five roads leading into Glen Arbor

Summer Storm 2015 Try to get your car around the 500 tree roadblock on M-22 South of town. If the Canadians invaded Glen Arbor, we know a quick trick to slow them down for a week

Summer Storm 2015 Afterwards, you couldnโ€™t enter by Crystal View

Summer Storm 2015 Glen Arbor itself was surprisingly intact. There were some scattered scenes of bad luck. Here is the scene at Riverfront Pizza.

Summer Storm 2015 The Glen Arbor Town Hall and township board did a great job of providing electricity, food, water and help to the many many who came in need. Thanks John, Bill, and Terry and all the good citizens of Glen Arbor who offered their time and support.

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