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New Holiday Goodness At Cherry Republic

Just in time for gift giving we’ve brought back our holiday favorites, to spice up everyone’s holidays. When we break out these seasonal favorites, winter has started, and the holidays are around the corner…you can see the transformation at Cherry Republic to holiday cheer.


Our Snowy Orchard Crunch is a winter favorite, a tasty mix of dried cherries, pecans, caramel corn and topped off with white chocolate drizzle…place the Snowy Orchard Crunch in a bowl and watch it disappear before your eyes.


All ready in a festive box our Dark Chocolate Cherry Toffee is made in small batches in our candy kitchen. You might have to buy 2 boxes one for yourself and one as a gift. WARNING, the second box may not make it as a gift after you’ve had a bite.


Our Chocolate Cherry and Chocolate Almond Candy Bars are made by a skilled Chocolatier especially for you. These gems are the perfect size for any holiday stocking, decorations for the top of a gift or just put a bow on it.


Spiced Cherry Preserves are a seasonal favorite and every year it’s great to see how creative people have become using the preserves for the holidays. Add the Spiced Cherry Preserves to your oatmeal, yogurt, apple sauce, as a glaze or add to any holiday bread; invent your own recipe and let us know what you’ve dreamed up.


Smooth caramel turtles with crunchy pecans and you guessed it extra tangy cherries; we have them in both rich milk and dark chocolate. These treats of gooey cherry goodness are a great gift or plated for holiday guests to enjoy.


We have the perfect partner for your next cheese tray, our own Cherry Summer Sausage. Our sausage is made in small batches using a blend of quality beef and pork, dried cherries, spices, and smoked to perfection. It makes any cracker a gourmet delight.

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