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10 Reasons to Give Cherry Republic

10 reasons to give cherry republic

Reason #10: Our top 10 gift boxes.

Big Classic

Reason #9: Our boxes are full of cherries, Northern Michigan’s ruby red morsels of joy!


Reason #8: Your purchase is a direct contribution to good people and good causes.


Reason #7:   There isn’t a better way to keep your money local.

Cherry Republic Store

Reason #6: Cherry Republic Ambassadors love spreading Cherry Cheer.

Cherry Ambassadors

Reason #5:  Cherries are an original superfood. Rich in antioxidants, cherries boast anti-inflammatory properties.

Cream cheese dip

Reason #4: We have perfected the art of gift giving and want to share it with you.

Reason #3:  We have a low flat rate shipping charge of only $9.95 and 2 Day shipping for just $5 more.

Reason #2:  Each box contains a piece of Northern Michigan: a sprig of cedar, a pine cone, and a strip of birch bark.

Northern Mi in each box

Reason #1: It’s so easy to order. Just click here or call 1-800-206-6949 to get your holiday shopping all wrapped up this week!

Even Santa likes to stop in and help at Cherry Republic

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