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Introducing our Ship From Store Program

‘Ship From Store’ This Holiday Season

There’s just something satisfying about plucking the perfect items from a store shelf, filling your basket to the brim, and watching while those treasures are carefully packed by Cherry Republic’s friendly staff into gift boxes, addressed, and placed in the outgoing mail.

There’s no wondering if your gifts end up in the right box. No gift wrapping marathon on a wobbly card table. No grueling trip to the Post Office or UPS store. Just the satisfaction of checking off items on your too-long to-do list.

Dare we say even Santa might have a hard time improving upon this process?

So in the spirit of all that is jolly and bright, Cherry Republic is offering a “Ship From Store” option this holiday season. Customers can shop with confidence knowing that their time spent painstakingly choosing their favorite cherry salsas, jams, candies, and other cherry treasures will not be in vain.

While you wait, one of our Cherry Gift Ambassadors will tuck a cedar sprig, a bit of birch bark, a pine cone, and an illustrated gift card from a local artist into each gift box along with the aforementioned Cherry Republic goodies. (Customers are even able to include a small personal item or two — like a family holiday card or a warm pair of socks from Grandma.)

All you need to do is relax knowing that you’ve decreased your holiday stress level and succeeded in spreading some Northern Michigan joy to the ones you love.

And what could be jollier or brighter than that?

*Boxes will ship within 24-48 hours depending on daily cut-off times and weekend shipping schedules.

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