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Snowdays, Skiing & Stories of Mary

February 24, 2023 — It’s Thursday morning and Colebrook and Hawthorn are sleeping in, thanks to a snow day based more on a missed prediction of a giant storm than the limited actual snow we received. We received a decent four inches of powder and every window, tree and nook in these northern woods are coated with a gorgeous glaze of ice, frost and snow. We are skiing today at Crystal Mountain. So, I am not complaining and thank the overzealous weatherman for this bonus day off for the boys.

Yesterday, I met Doug Bishop for lunch, my lawyer of 25 years, who retired a few years ago. And of course, he mentioned my mother’s recent death. And since we were at lunch, we really had a chance to tell funny stories about my Mom, whom he too, had always connected with. That sharing with Doug carried happily through my day and into a chat with Steph about missing my Mom’s humor most.

Getting all these swell cards from customers, several of them also mentioned how much they enjoyed the lightheartedness of Mary. Mary didn’t take Cherry Republic very seriously. Our customers saw it plain as day. And Mary made it fun for everyone – especially me. I received a card from a Lynne Hall, from Holland. In it, she wrote, Bob, Your Mother, Mary, has helped us on several visits. One time, you came up to her and put your arm around her shoulder and asked us how she was doing “because sometimes she’s such a slacker”! 🙂  Your banter together was precious.

It’s afternoon now, and the snow and slippery sleet is still coming down strong. Maybe it was a little safer to keep the kids off the roads for a day after all. And nothing wrong with giving them more time with their mothers.

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