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Hosting An Easter Brunch? We’ve Got You Covered.

As spring starts to settle and Easter comes closer, many people honor this time of the year by hosting brunch for family and friends. Decorating, cooking, and baking for Easter brunch is one way to make the holiday more memorable. It can be as simple as adding flowers, bunnies, and cherries to your table.

Set The Table

For your Easter brunch decor, dress the table with soft, spring hues to match the season. Select a main color then decorate with either a monochromatic or complementing palette. We chose a light blue with touches of pink. Make sure that your floral arrangements and tableware reflect that color scheme as well.

Make Your Table A Buffet Style

A buffet style table makes your brunch elegant and special. Use the same color palette as your dining table and play around with different heights to create symmetry. Your centerpiece can either be a vase full of tulips or a multi-tiered dessert stand filled with our True Cherry Cupcakes.

What To Make For Easter Brunch?

We love brunch around The Republic, so we knew we had to share some Easter table worthy recipes with you all. To make your Cherry Easter Brunch table, visit one of our six retail stores or http://www.cherryrepublic.com to grab the following items: a bottle of Liberty Sparkling Cherry Wine, Little Village Vanilla Cherry Coffee, Cherry BBQ Spice Rub, Great Hall Smooth Cherry Mustard, Cherry Scone Mix, and True Cherry Preserves. Links to the recipes and everything you need are below:

What Is A Good Time To Serve Easter Brunch?

Easter brunch usually starts between 9 and 10 am. We suggest setting it up as a self-serve buffet so guests can freely take whatever food they like or make it a sit-down meal so you can have more time to catch up with loved ones.

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