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Cherry Republic Holiday Ambassador: Audra Ross

Cherry Republic prides ourselves on great customer service. In fact, I think that they are so great that I want to share with the world some of the best ambassadors the Republic has to offer. Throughout the holidays, I will be working on a campaign called: Heroes of the Republic.

There is no better person to start off with than Audra Ross. Audra works in the Service Center and her official title is Service Center Ambassador and Captain. The Service Center is the Republic’s call center.

Audra said, “Working at Cherry Republic we have the liberty to give good service and not always having to say no to people.” This is exactly what Cherry Republic is all about. You go forth and attack each day with great enthusiasm and, in the most simple terms, joy. Cherry Republic values people like Audra because she is a natural leader. She finds a way to make the customer seen and heard. Having people like this is one of the reasons that the Cherry Republic has been able to not only grow, but to grow and thrive. Audra has just celebrated her second anniversary of being with the Republic and we are very lucky to have her.

The Captain, Audra Ross says, “Cherry Republic is known across the country and still has a niche feeling. It feels like a secret but it’s still well known.” The service center gets calls from people from all around the country. Audra and Cherry Republic share the experience of Northern Michigan and she represents our values very well. People like Audra can make the best of any situation and make sure that the person on the other end of the phone is smiling by the end of the phone call. I asked Audra about the most frequent calls she gets and she said she can get everything from a repurchase of a gift to asking what the expiration date is on one of our items. After two years of Audra working with Cherry Republic I inquired about what helped her get through the long days and she responded with “My team.” Audra went on to talk about how she really loves everyone that she works with and it’s a tight knit group that communicates well. She adds “I don’t want to let them down and they don’t want to let me down. I want people to have flexibility and let them know we are here to help them. It’s refreshing to be here.”

I asked Audra what her Mount Rushmore of Cherry Republic products is and she said that her top four are Iced Imperial Pretzels, Cherry Sour Balls, Artisan Mustard, and Harvest Booms. These are all great choices. We are so lucky to have an Ambassador like Audra Ross to work with the Republic because she can bring people together and really make a group of people focused on a common goal. Through her good will, she can bring the charm and beauty that is northern Michigan to callers from all over the United States.