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Meet Chef Chris: This Week’s Hero of The Republic

Today we have the Head Chef at the Public House, Chris Henry. Chris has been a member of the Republic for almost 9 years. He has been in the culinary industry since 1983. Chris said “I continue here because I love to be challenged and I love the daily sense of accomplishment.” Chris has worked his way up, splitting his time at Cherry Republic between Glen Arbor and Traverse City until 2018 when he was put in charge of the Public House remodel project. If you haven’t been to the Public House in Glen Arbor recently, I highly recommend you go. Chris and his team have done a fantastic job at making you feel like you’re in a rustic cabin. It brings our guests a perfect feel of “you are home in northern Michigan” all year round. When Chris took on the task he thought “We want everyone to experience food and life in the Republic.” 

Chris has worked for years making the Public House what it is today. He has made a menu that satisfies  virtually any palette, a kitchen that takes the strengths of the cooks and leaves the customers excited and satisfied. His menu is complimented by the amazing staff he has helped to build. The season can ebb and flow here in the Republic, but Chris has always been able to find some great local talent to make the customer experience wonderful. Chris knows that working at a restaurant can sometimes be a challenge,  no matter what you prepare for.  That drove him to find an excellent staff. 

Chef Chris is a great addition to the team. He is a level headed individual with a clear set of goals. We sat together at the Halloween Potluck and talked about football and our favorite Cherry Republic products, the two most important things in life. He said his top three favorites were Ice Cream Hibernation Jumpstart, Cherry Buffalo Wing Sauce, and the Cherry Spice Rub. For great recommendations I couldn’t think of one better than that. I asked what it meant to be a part of the Cherry Republic team and he said “I love the challenge of growing a company.” Cherry Republic is forever growing. I remember when I was a kid growing up in Florida I would talk to my friends and tell them about this place. To me, even as a kid, it was so magical. We’d come here every summer and then after doing the Dune Climb, we would head to  the sanctuary in Glen Arbor that is the Cherry Republic. Now, I am lucky enough to  live here. I know that Cherry Republic is part of the fabric of northern Michigan.