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New Look – Same Taste

Change has come to the Republic! We’ve been working tirelessly to freshen up the look of our delicious cherry goodies. So far we’ve gotten almost all of our most popular products in their new packages and we’re still moving along.

It’s an exciting ride, and we put this blog together because we were well overdue on passing along an update to our customers.  Plus, we wanted to share a few thoughts and hear some of yours.

Last year, we updated our logo. This year, we wanted to freshen up the look of our products. What we thought was going to be one of the most controversial decisions we have ever made has been met with overwhelming approval.

We believe it was time the look of our products reflected not just where we’ve come from, but who we’ve become: a statewide company with national objectives. We also felt that the brighter, fresher labels better reflected the pristine, beautiful, pastoral lands of Cherry Republic’s homeland, which is – and always will be! – rooted here in northern Michigan.

Our marketing team went for a bright and energetic look with some extra touches and details that showed how much we care about our land, our lakes, and our products. Below is our Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries complete with a resealable tab on top of the bag.

Choc Cherries

Just as important, we have changed the jar we use for our 17 ounce jams and salsas. We wanted a wider jar, similar to an old canning jar, but cleaner and clearer – like our lakes.

Cherry Salsa

New labels and a new jar! Our salsas got a makeover that sharpened their look and made it easier to differentiate between different varieties. We hope that you like the jars so much that you don’t toss them away.


We’ve also updated our candy labels. Our designers wanted the candy labels to be as fun as the actual candy inside. Adding in our fun and mischievous bears to the labels added that touch of whimsy that these bags of deliciousness had lacked for all these years.


Our Jams and Dried Cherries bag has been updated to give you a look over the lake and into the orchards of northern Michigan. We hope you heed the words on our bags of Dried Cherries and “eat often and by the fistful.”

There will be changes to back labels too. We are finally getting nutritional information for you to see the health benefits of our products. And we are getting bar codes for better speed and accuracy at the cash register and for better inventory controls. Those back labels also include some fun and humor. We can’t forget that.

So what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!