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The Cherry Republic Experience

Cherry Republic Camp Camps for the kids and tours and events for the grown-ups will hopefully be a fun way to get more people to experience life in the Republic!

Cherry Republic has a new addition coming in June. We have named it the Cherry Republic Experience and its goal will be to bring memorable and heartfelt events to customers all summer. We are buying a bus for this new venture and we hope to fill it up with large groups of happy kids during the day and families at night.

There are three parts to the Cherry Republic Experience.

  1. First, there is the Cherry Stompers Day Camp. It will be for kids aged 8 to 13 years old and it will take place three days a week.
  2. The second part is Cherry Republic Tours. We hope to put people on a bus and show them our company and our beautiful neighborhood.
  3. And finally, we hope to create evening dinners matched with entertaining activities.

Twenty-five years ago — the year I started Cherry Republic — I was managing outdoor recreational activities in the Glen Arbor region. Hosting and entertaining kids and families has been a passion of mine for decades and it seems to be a growing need up here in the north. Vacationers only have so much time to spend up here. My goal in starting the Cherry Republic Experience is to help visitors make the most of their valuable time up north.

So picture yourself and your family joining a Cherry Republic event. You get on a bus at 5:30 pm and we take you on a way-finding hike. We play a game of Lost Prospector along the way and we point out some of the natural wonders we are walking by, and provide some background and history. Then, we come over a ridge to a beautiful picnic spread. We all take a moment to eat and enjoy dinner, then we walk along the beach back to the bus and head back to Cherry Republic.

Sound like a fun time? We’d love it if you’d let us know your thoughts about this. Please help us by answering the following questions. (If the questions do appear below, you can answer them over here.)