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Bring the Arbor Back to Glen Arbor Fundraising Campaign

Thank you for considering a donation to Cherry Republic’s Bring the Arbor Back to Glen Arbor Fundraising Campaign.

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The tragic Summer Shear Storm that happened August 2nd, 2015 is the worst storm to hit Glen Arbor in recorded history. The storm has devastated acres and acres of old growth forest in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. It has downed many of the tall trees that inspired Glen Arbor’s name over 150 years ago. In response to the storm, dozens of tree removal companies and several organized teams of volunteers have been hard at work. All this clean up costs money.

woods-clearingThe Utopia Foundation, a local 501C3 has stepped in to offer their assistance to Cherry Republic by being a tax deductible receiver of these donations. They have even offered to match dollar for dollar the first $2,000 that is donated. If you make a donation, you will receive a receipt from the Utopia Foundation for your tax purposes.

Cherry Republic is currently putting a plan together with Friends of the Sleeping Bear Dunes, the National Park Service and Glen Arbor Township to remove the fallen trees and replant with young saplings or larger trees replanted with tree moving equipment.

Downed-treesThe Utopia Foundation was started by Cherry Republic President, Bob Sutherland’s brother Paul. More about the foundation here.

Cherry Republic’s Bring the Arbor back to Glen Arbor fundraising campaign is going very well. So far we have raised $8,500 and with Cherry Republic’s match this doubles to $17,000. Cherry Republic’s match has ended, but Utopia’s match begins. We hope to find more organizations and businesses and large donors willing to match, so please keep checking in.

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