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Cherry Republic’s Leaf Day

Fall-barn What should citizens do on Leaf Day? Dress up? Give gifts? Hide Baskets? Make a big dinner? Those are all too much work. How about do nothing. How about a purposeless day? A day to just reflect on the beauty of nature?

Leaf Day was created by Cherry Republic to celebrate the amazing colors of fall, and to take a day to reflect or enjoy the outdoors in the last of our good weather.  We are all so busy all summer and into fall that we don’t often find time to just enjoy the outdoors.  Leaf Day will allow us to do just this during the most beautiful time of year in Northern Michigan.

PortO-fall “I floated down the Crystal River and was surprised to see so many salmon. I do not like to fish, but I sure did enjoy watching those giant salmon dart under my boat.” – Kathy Baarstad, Glen Arbor Retail Manager.

We first introduced the concept of Leaf Day in our 2014 catalog.  It was so well embraced within our company last year that for the second year in a row, all 80 of our employees will be enjoying time off on Monday, October 19th.  We hope that you will embrace Leaf Day as a holiday you’d like to celebrate and share with others. In an effort to help you do so we’ve created a letter (Click Here To Download) that you can cut out and give to your boss.  If your boss grants you Leaf Day off, let us know!

We are sending the first 25 bosses who grant Leaf Day as holiday to their employees a gift of Cherry Republic goodness at our cost.

Manitou-Fall “I pulled my kids from school and joined Bob and Tony on a section of their Bay to Bay hike. We got lost, wet and sandy. It was great.” – Jason Homa, VP of Sales & Service

There is no holiday time-off at the best time of year – in the fall. (Years from now, people will look back at these moiling, toiling times before Leaf Day like they did during Scrooge’s time, when workers weren’t given Christmas off)

  1. Leaf Day is for Leif!  Leif Erikson – the first European to discover the new world.
  2. The leaves are shining high and bright, orange and red, calling us to go out and enjoy them before they are covered by two or more feet of snow.
  3. Winter is just around the corner.  Let’s enjoy a day in nature before the snow flies.
  4. And finally, the clinching reason.  Because Leaf Day is a way to remember the tens of thousands of trees lost in the summer sheer storm of 2015.
  5. Leaf Day will also be a chance to celebrate the thousands of resilient people who spent untold hours putting these tough times behind us.