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Leaf Day Wrap Up For 2015

Port Oneida in the fall

Leaf Day was a success this year at Cherry Republic. In northern Michigan the weather on Friday started out sketchy – many of the area football games were played in rain, sleet and snow. However, as the hours closed in on our new holiday, the weather became much better. When Monday arrived, it was a fantastic day for Cherry Republic employees to enjoy some well deserved time outdoors. Here are some of the activities our staff were able to do  while celebrating Cherry Republic’s very own fall holiday:

Here’s what several other staff did on Leaf Day.

IMG_3056 (1)
When I asked Colebrook and Hawthorn what their biggest memories of Leaf Day was, they rattled off doing an archaeological excavation underneath the Miller Barn. They might be the only two legged animal to have ever squeeze into an eight inch crack in the floor to explore the claustrophobic and cobwebby crawl space. Colebrook passed me up a tin cup. Hawthorn reached up an old coke IMG_3043bottle. And then it got interesting as both boys brought up a mummified skeleton that we examined like mad scientists – deciding finally that it was a fox and more importantly, that it gave us the creeps. If that wasn’t enough, up came a porcupine skeleton that still had pointy quills and claws.

It was a day of carcasses – earlier that morning, on the far side of School Lake, we found a dead eagle laying under a tree with his proud beak and young brown feathers. The eagle had been spotted by someone else, because there was a fresh blue bandanna wrapped around a small tree trunk to mark where it rested.

We had lots of other great memories of Leaf Day – of paddling on Bass Lake, eating lunch under a tall white pine, and finding the old cabin hidden on the shore of Lake Michigan. I don’t believe finding dead animals would be most people’s best memory of being in the woods, but I need to remember that these are 7 and 9 year old boys. – Bob Sutherland

IMG_8798 I spent Leaf Day in Las Vegas, but as everyone knows what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! I knew there wouldn’t be any leaves so I brought my own to Vegas. – Lori

I spent Leaf Day in Las Vegas, but as everyone knows what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! I knew there wouldn’t be any leaves so I brought my own to Vegas. – Lori


Jason took his son’s Sawyer, and Baxter paddling with his friend Dave on the upper Platte River.
– Jason


Roni’s family spent Leaf Day in the Windy City of Chicago! Here is a family photo from an Architectural Boat Tour. – Roni

IMG_20151016_181305301[1] IMG_20151016_172241426[1]

I took my Leaf Day on Friday due to my schedule and went down to Grand Rapids, MI for the Grand Rapids Griffins home opening game.  – Michelle

Leaf Day

I went for a walk along Argo Cascades and Argo Pond (which I do pretty often), and then back up through the trees on Longshore Drive. – Sarah


As the sun was streaming in the windows the dog and I looked at each other, jumped in the car and headed to the beach at the end of 669.  I promptly took my shoes and socks off, looked around and didn’t see a soul! I couldn’t help but think, this is why I live here! I love all of the summer visitors, but there is something so special about being the only person on the beach. Pepper and I were happy campers and enjoyed a lovely solo walk on the beach.  – Laura Ann

I took my Leaf Day on Tuesday instead of Monday so that I could spend it in the woods with my husband…and it just happened to work out perfectly that his parents were dog-sitting for his sister, so we dog-napped Trinity for the day too! Driving through the County to get to The Whaleback trail head was glorious and full of those “tunnels of trees” that make living here in the “off season” so worth it. After running circles around us on the trails and tiring herself out, Trin gladly curled up in the back seat on the short drive to Leland for a “last of the season” Cheese Shanty sandwich, which honestly was the whole reason for hiking The Whaleback. One amazing sandwich later, we were off again and on the way to Northport for another adventure! I shared these photos on Instagram, and let me tell you Leaf Day is the best way to make your friends jealous they don’t work with you!
 – Erin


Spent Leaf Day hunting with my family and friends. My son Douglas shot his first buck a 9 point it was a great day. – Chris