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BBQ Sauce

Summer 2016 we introduced two new barbecue sauces to our stores.  Below are some photos of our Mantinou Gold NEW, Smoky Cherry BBQ Salad Dressing NEW and Original Cherry BBQ Sauce.

NEW BBQ suaces

Manitou Gold BBQ Sauce,  is a delicious blend of our mustard and Cherry BBQ Sauce. Its honey sweet and tart mustard flavor make this a must have for every griller’s arsenal.

Cherry Republic BBQ sauce

Our secret blend of spices and cherries makes our Cherry BBQ Sauce rich, tangy, and wonderfully different. On ribs, chicken, burgers, even bratwurst, Cherry BBQ sauce will add a terrific zest to your grilling!

Smokey Cherry BBQ dressing  Smoky Cherry BBQ Sauce

One of our head chefs smears our Smoky Cherry BBQ Salad Dressing on a rack of ribs.  This dressing combines our savory Cherry Barbecue Sauce with honey mustard vinaigrette, this dressing is unique and versatile, great on meat but so good it will make your salad taste as good as a steak.

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