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Meet Marissa: Our Traverse City Assistant Manager

I have worked at Cherry Republic for a few weeks. One of the best things about the company is how welcoming all the people are. I have met so many amazing people and they are kind and genuine. Everyone that I have interviewed for this series brings a certain energy to the family that any company would be lucky to have. This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Marissa Rodriguez. She is the Assistant Manager at our Traverse City Cherry Republic Flagship Store, so if you get a chance, stop in and see her!

Marissa has been at the Republic for two and a half years. Since she has been with us she has taken it upon herself to make every guest’s experience fantastic so that they all get a great taste of Northern Michigan. Marissa has a very important job as the Assistant Manager of the entire store. She also has to make sure that the people that work under her are happy so they can function to the best of their abilities. When I go into the Cherry Republic store in Traverse City all of the Ambassadors are happy to be there and very much happy to help. Marissa said, “You know that in retail you’ll have some bad days but you have to go in with positive thoughts and a list of things to do.” This resonates with me because I also work retail on the side. I know that there are days that are hard and you just have to make sure that everyone is having a great experience because it is important to be a part of something bigger than yourself. At least that is how I get through it.

I ask all of the people I interviewed what their favorite product is. Marissa is the first of the series to have a definitive answer. She said it is the Cherry Pancake Mix. Marissa likes a cinnamon sprinkle on her pancakes. Marissa has been such a loyal member of the Republic and has made sure that she has brought her best to the workplace from day one. That is why I had the honor of Interviewing her.