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Opening Our Stores With Care

After a month of planning and training, and in accordance with the guidance of local government and public health organizations, we kicked off one of the most thought-out essential retail openings in Michigan today! And enough signs tell us that our state, our community, and our customers are ready for us to safely open, as […]

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A Message From Our President

To our loyal Citizens,Cherry Republic values the trust both our customers and employees place in us and we take this responsibility seriously. We understand the growing concern surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19) across our communities, and our hearts go out to all those who’ve been impacted. Cherry Republic is working around the clock to ensure we’re able […]

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Meet Nels Veliquette

Nels Veliquette is a second generation cherry farmer, the C.F.O. of Cherry Ke and Cherries R Us, and for the last decade, a vital partner of Cherry Republic. The Veliquette family owns and leases thousands of acres of cherry orchards in Northern Michigan. They are fully integrated farmers, meaning they pick, pit and store all of […]