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New BBQ sauce

New Barbecue sauce

We hope you can help us WELCOME! our two new barbecue sauces, Manitou Gold and Smokey Cherry Barbecue Dressing .


Eric from Grand Rapids, Molly from St. Louis and Tyler from Boston stopped by the store on their way to the airport and were excited to try out the new barbecue sauces.


I spent time with Chris and Matt while they worked on some new recipes using the Manitou Gold and Smokey Cherry Barbecue Dressing . Below Chris works on writing down all the details for our Cherry Republic recipe vault, hopefully he will share some of his secrets with us soon.


The Smokey Cherry Barbecue salad starts with a homemade vinaigrette which gets splashed right on the chicken so the chicken soaks up the smokey cherry flavor.

IMG_1807 IMG_1845

Next the salad gets all sorts of fresh vegetables added, like peppers, tomatoes and chives.


A quick toss to mix it all together…

Smokey Cherry BBQ

Then homemade corn muffin croutons and a garnish of candied pecans and chives to top the salad off.

IMG_1880 (1)

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